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Chocolate Bar Cake - Sponge Cake Wrapped in Cadbury's Chocolate & Fresh Fruit

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The Cake illustrated is a sponge cake wrapped in Cadbury's Milk Chocolate Bars. It is 8" square and 4" tall. Can be made with home-made luxury chocolate biscuit or sponge cake. The cake is topped with fresh strawberries, some of which are dipped in white chocolate, Cadbury's chocolate fingers and chopped strawberries. Finished with a red ribbon.

For allergens, please see our flavours page:

Only Available in 8 Inch Square.

Please note, we will endeavour to find and use the same decorations, flowers, fruit, sweets etc.,used for the cake shown in this image. However, flower style and colour are dependent on seasonal flowers available at the time of ordering.

All the base cake boards are finished with appropriately matching ribbon (because no cake board is complete without a ribbon, surely!)


To include a cake topper in your order, please go to back store front to see our Custom Made and standard Cake Toppers section and add your chosen cake topper to bag.

Link To Cake Toppers

We stock standard wooden or acrylic "Happy Birthday" cake toppers for €6.00.

We can make a customised & personalised paper & card topper for €16.00.

Should you require a custom-made acrylic cake topper we need two weeks’ notice for this to be made and delivered to us.

We can organise ordering and place the topper on the cake for you.

The cost is €25.00 which includes admin fees and postage.

We use Amy's Cakes Online for all our custom toppers.

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