Cake Serving & Storage


Storage Before Serving

Please store your cake in a fridge, alternatively in a very cold room with no heating source.  The box and clingfilm need to be kept covering the cake so it does not sweat in the fridge/cold room.



Please remove the cake from the fridge/cold room at least 2 hours before serving.  This allows the cake to reach room temperature and enhances the appreciation of the flavours.


Cutting Barrel / Extra Height Cakes

Barrel cakes, (6” high) have a thin cake board in the centre and are supported by plastic dowels.   Before cutting, find the centre of the cake and use a thin long knife and slide it under the thin board.  Remove the top of the cake and place on a serving dish to slice.  You have will two 3” high cakes, the lower tier will have the plastic dowels, that can be removed or you can cut around them. 















Cake Cutting Diagram

Below is an example of how to cut an 8" cake,

for an illustration of all sizes, please see link to cake sizes section.

Left Overs


If you have any cake left over you wish to keep.  Wrap the cake in cling film and if possible place in an air-tight container and place in the fridge.  The cake will be at its best for 3/4 more days.  Again, remove from the fridge at least 2 hours before serving.  


If you wish to freeze the cake, in addition to cling film, also wrap the cake in tin-foil and place in the freezer, for no more than 3 months.




There is an allergen sticker on the box detailing all potential allergens. 

8 inch round.jpg
how to cut a tall cake 2.jpg