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Pre-owned Bakery Equipment
Closing Down Sale 

Come and have a look at our full range of bakery equipment


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What we have for sale:

1 Commercial fridge, 3 standing mixers of different sizes, hand mixers, cake tins, and cake moulds, chocolate moulds, fondant moulds.

Fondant, rolling pins, spatulas, wire shelving racks, cake boxes from 8”-14”. Styrofoam cake dummies, cake drums and boards, various sizes, silver and white.

We also have white cake boards in various size. Ribbon, hammers for smashable chocolate, Oreo moulds, paintbrushes, 5kg buckets of granulated, caster and Icing sugar.

All baking utensils, spatulas, palette knives, mini rolling pins, fondant tools, cake toppers and decorations.

Drawers for storage, large plastic boxes for storage. Wooden shelving Christmas supplies, Halloween supplies and much more but to name a few.

Everything will be sold at a reduced price

Location Details - Click Below To Use Google Maps

Collection Address:

Find us on Google Maps:,-6.25685...


Type in our post code:  D06V9Y6 

The Cake Lab Bakery,

9 Annesley Park,





We are a private house, coming from Dunville Avenue,

we are 5 doors up on the right hand side - light blue door.

On street disc parking, payment required.

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