Cake Sizes


Barrel shaped cakes are taller than standard cakes, they consequently have greater visual impact.
There are approximately 5/6 sponge layers sandwiched with flavoured buttercream, covered with buttercream and decorated.
Due to their extended height, we insert a thin cake board in the middle for stability. They are generally served by splitting the cake in two horizontally and removing the thin cake board together with the top layers.
We recommend cake slices are not cut in the traditional triangular wedge shape but in a tall square/cube shape, commonly known as wedding cake slices. This size serving is becoming more popular as it minimises waste and provides a more appropriately sized serving, (It's OK, you can have two of these slices to make up for the smaller healthier size).
See cutting guide for how to cut cakes in wedding cake slices, 1" x "2 x 3.5"


6 " in diameter and 6" tall - approximately 28 servings (1" x 2" x 3.5" sized slices).
8" in diameter and 6" tall - approximately 56 servings (1" x 2" x 3.5" sized slices).

STANDARD SHAPED CAKES (cut into 1" x 2" x 4" sized slices) 

6" in diameter and 4 " tall - approximately 10 -14 servings  
8" in diameter and 4" tall - approximately 16 -20 servings
10" in diameter and 4 " tall - approximately 30 - 38 servings 
12" in diameter and 4 " tall - approximately 50 - 56 servings 



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